Happiness often times seems to be that elusive wisp of fog that only seems to vanish after the Sun comes out. Hope that doesn’t sound like the most negative thing but the reality is that most people on the face of the earth have it pretty hard. Yet even those with it really hard are often times happy relatively speaking. So what are the things that really contribute to true happiness?

Giving Flower

Some time proven principles would probably be good to look at. As was mentioned earlier, life in this world can be very difficult, and even those that have an abundance can still find that things are not always easy. For instance if you have a lot of material possessions or a lot of money then you probably worry about keeping those. After all it probably took a considerable amount of effort the gain those things and who would want to have to redo all of that effort?


And then on the other side of that coin there are those that have very little and are struggling just to eat. It is not very likely that they live with a lot of happiness under those conditions. When a person is focused solely on survival happiness is probably not something that he is pursuing if he is just trying to eat for the day.


In the Western world where we tend to have an abundance people really do pursue happiness. We often live for the weekend and try to do everything we can to satisfy ourselves because we now that the next work week is coming. We also live in the world now where the media really drives home the idea that we should focus on ourselves. You know, we deserve it they say. And there is a measure of truth to that we should enjoy our lives. But as was mentioned earlier what are these time honored principles that could produce a happier life.


The golden rule comes to mind where were taught to do to others as we would like them to do to us. Clearly this is a golden rule and if everybody followed that life would be much better. There’s no arguing that fact. What would this require on our part? It would require a more giving spirit and more generous attitude on a day by day basis. Instead of focusing on pleasing ourselves continuously we could focus on helping others and enjoy the joy that comes from doing that.


For instance how about giving some tickets to a sporting event that you know someone you care about would love to go see and if the funds are available what about renting a limousine for them so that they can be driven to and from the event? How about also throwing a party afterwards and having them over. You could invite others and just really enjoy the experience, I’ll bet they will have a lot to talk about after a limousine ride and the day of the game.


Can you imagine the joy in the group to be sharing in this event? Similarly if you’re married take your spouse to Continue Reading

The Art of Propulsion

How many of the popular sports require the player to kick or hit the ball? Obviously quite a few. Soccer is probably the predominant one but there’s also football and baseball in America. How much skill is required to propel these balls appropriately?


Well it’s clear that some of these sports the player uses parts of his body to hit or cause the ball to move. For instance in the art of soccer it’s clear that most often the ball is moved down the field by the art of kicking. And it is truly an art to watch the skilled players do that. Alternatively in the sport of baseball the ball is moved by hitting it with a bat. Similarly this occurs in the English sport cricket. Been in all of these cases the ball has to be moved by some kind of an impact. And that’s what we’re going to talk about for a while here.

Ball and Bat

Most of us have heard the term center of gravity. And it basically means the point inside the body or piece of matter that we’re discussing in which if you concentrated all the forces of gravity through that point the body would behave as it does normally. This allows mathematicians engineers and physicists to specifically locate the point in some body at which they can mathematically describe the effects of gravity.


Obviously this could be very useful in figuring out problems of motion and force. There’s also terms called the moments of area. This is very similar to the concept of center of gravity but it can be applied to forces which are applied to a body in other directions besides that of gravity. We know that the force of gravity points towards the center of the earth consistently for all intents and purposes.


But for describing motion that is not towards the center of the earth these other terms are useful. These allow us to describe specifically the motion of an object or how forces applied to the object affect its motion. For instance think about a football and its shape. Because it’s symmetric and the density is pretty much uniform throughout the object it can Continue Reading

Back to the future?

Remember that movie Back to the Future? Actually I think it was Back to the Future number 2. Anyways that movie had a little comic book type statistics of sports. And in that it said that the Cubs would win in 2015. Well guess what here we are 2015. Kind of funny don’t you think. Who knows if they’ll win, I don’t, but no matter how you slice it sitting in front of a baseball game drinking a beer and eating a hot dog is about as good as it gets. Especially when the weather is perfect.

rom United States of America MC1 Andre McIntyre/U.S. Navy
rom United States of America MC1 Andre McIntyre/U.S. Navy


It seems like everybody has their own favorite sport. And it looks like a large portion of the whole world favors the sport of soccer, or futbol with a “u” if you will.  I bet there’s at least three quarters of a billion soccer players on the face of this earth if not more. It is that popular of a sport. Unfortunately many of the fans look at it more as a nationalistic allegiance than a sport. And this is really sad because it should be something that is just for fun and having a good time. So why did the people look at it that way. They must have had it packed into their heads that their country is the best or their race is the best. We really need a world where people think more on a global scale as opposed to a nationalistic scale. That has caused a lot of problems for the human family and I use the word Family loosely. If we were really a family we wouldn’t treat each other this way.


But it seems that sense of nationalism is alive and well, the concept of human family takes a backseat. Do you think that sports could ever bring Continue Reading

Best of the Best?

Sports a symbol of athleticism and competition. They have been a part of mankind’s history since the dawn of time. The first Olympic games was held in 776 B.C. in ancient Greece. The Greeks believed that even the Gods participated in these on Mount Olympus. Hence the name the “Olympics.” Even today the Olympics are one of the most viewed and treasured sporting events throughout the world! Sports is that one thing that unites mankind despite all of our differences and background. It allows friends, families, and enemies to come together and watch their favorite teams compete for the W.

Sports have played a huge role in American history. It has allowed men and women to compete in healthy competition and display their vast athleticism. One of the most popular sports played in the United States is Baseball. Baseball is so popular in the States it is known as America’s favorite pastime! It has become so popular that it has crossed over into other countries. Countries such as in Asia and Latin America have fell in love with the sport. However, many would argue that America’s favorite sport is good old fashion football. Where a bunch of big strong men throw around a pigskin and demolish one another in the process! Everybody absolutely loves football! People are so obsessed with the sport that the NFL has control over three days of the week. In fact, there is no Sunday without professional football. Also, in some areas such in the South football dominates everyday life. Towns and cities revolve around their favorite team. You could football has the power to unite everybody. Whether they are young or old football has a place for all.

When football is not is season the next big thing is Basketball. This sport is a lot longer in season than football. It is a game where spectators watch giants dominate a court. Some of the most famous athletes in the world come from the sport of basketball. Some of the rides they roll are out of this world and some shine as a result of detailing from great companies like this one. One of the most notable would be Michael Jordan who played for the Chicago Bulls with the most famous number in the league twenty three. He and many others made the game truly exciting and inspired so many young boys and girls to reach for their goals. Many of those young children grew up to be Basketball superstars! Everyone knows of King James and his unstoppable ball skills. What makes Basketball truly exciting is Continue Reading